Barefoot Essentials
Barefoot Essentials

Let’s face it; you don’t need much at the baths to make an impression. It is just you and your towel, the bare essentials. However, there is an old saying that says clothes make the man. You wouldn’t think that statement would hold up in a bathhouse while wearing only a towel. Well, you’re mistaken.

Besides that white towel around your waist, the only other clothing item (if you can call it that) is footwear: sandals, running shoes, flip-flops, socks, and even winter boots. I’ve seen it all worn by men, clad only in a towel, at the baths. What do I prefer? I like to go barefoot. That feeling of total and complete nakedness is second to none. It feels unnatural to wear footwear, especially when you have to go in and out of the wet area (sauna, steam room, whirlpool). The general rule is the fewer clothes you wear at the baths, the better it feels.

It seems strange to me that men are so protective of their feet. At the same time, they don’t seem to have any problems with where their mouth and hands have gone. Plenty of mouths go in and out from one cock to another at the baths. But are any of these guys frequently gargling with mouthwash between blowjobs? Speaking of jobs, let’s not forget all those hand jobs and fingering. Yet I don’t see guys wearing latex gloves. Despite that, some guys will never go barefoot at the baths. The feeling from men that you have to protect your feet from fungus. Not realizing other body parts are susceptible to fungus from the steam room or hot tub.

Some may use the excuse of wearing footwear to avoid stepping on cum, urine, or discarded condoms on the floor. Again, it seems okay to slurp cum and urine during a blowjob. But stepping on it? No way! Nothing steams me up more than when someone walks right through the shower area in their regular street shoes. The person wearing shoes wants to protect their feet. But why aren’t they thinking about the other people washing their feet in the shower area? Is it okay to track all this dirt? But guys in footwear at the baths don’t want to muddy their bare feet.

If you HAVE to wear some footwear, here are some tips from one who has seen it all; on guys’ feet, that is.

Don’t wear sneakers, not only for the reasons I discussed above, but it is a major fashion faux pas. Over the years, I have seen many guys walking around the baths wearing sneakers or, worse, sneakers and socks. It makes one look ridiculous and sends the impression of someone who is a germaphobe. It just doesn’t work. The only person who could pull off the sneakers and socks look is a skinny twink over 6 feet tall, as some men have a fetish for twinks in knee-length socks. For everyone else, leave the sneakers in your locker. The only other guys able to get away with any footwear are the S&M leather crowd that wears leather boots.

So no to sneakers, but what about prancing around in socks? That is problematic when you go in and out of the wet area. No matter how many puddles you try to avoid, wet socks equal wet feet. It looks much more awkward peeling off a damp pair of socks before jumping into the hot tub and much more stinky!

Again just like wearing shoes, socks look silly on someone wearing a towel. If you are a twink, you could pull it off. Some guys like that look. If you are in your middle ages, forget it. You look weird.

So that leaves sandals and slippers. If you want an expert’s opinion, neither makes the grade. Instead, try flip-flops; they make you and your feet look sexy. These days, flip-flops are in style and a turn-on for men. There are even countless websites devoted to men’s feet in flip-flops. Wearing the right pair of flip-flops oozes sexiness and class.

Don’t be cheap when purchasing a pair of flip-flops. If you wear a pair, buy a good quality brand with a thin strap. The thinner the straps, the sexier the feet are.

You want your feet to be as naked as possible, with no constrictions. Just as you want to get in some guy’s bed quickly, you can get in and out of Flip-flops with ease as well. Imagine having to spend time trying to get your sandals or sneakers and socks off. That is why Flip-flops give you that sense of freedom and ease.

Okay, now you have removed your shoes but are still worried about catching something on your feet. What I do is use foot powder. When I go to the baths, I shower upon arriving and just before leaving. Once I return to my room, I sprinkle foot powder all over my feet. Not only does it create a barrier around my feet, but they also stay nice and cool.

So off with those shoes and become footloose and fancy-free. Your feet will be all the more grateful.

10 thoughts on “Barefoot Essentials”

  1. I got a wart under the nail that took over a year and ultimately laser treatments (8) to get rid of. Hundreds of dollars in copays! Lucky I didn’t lose the nail. Wear something on your feet!

  2. In the “old days” flip flops were far less common than now. And in the bath house or even in the locker room at the gym they were somehow hot. Of course a hot naked man with just flip flops on adds just enough to make his nakedness hotter.

  3. It’s absolutely essential to wear slippers in a gay bath house. There’s no telling what is or has been on the floors and carpeting. Some of the ones in my city offer disinfected plastic slippers.

    creator of the Fuel Injected Male gay blog

  4. No more barefoot for me! I got a wart on the sole of my foot from doing that! So I used to think, too, until that painful wart appeared on the bottom of my foot, O.

  5. Nobody wants to be infected with athlete’s feet buddy, neither walk in shards of glass. Plenty of people have come out with serious infections through little cuts on their soles. Always best to wear flip flops / sandals.

  6. hmm….overall it was good but u really missed out the most important thing. haven’t u heard things like, this man “smells”. I hate people getting into the sauna and straight go and cruise!! this is just unhygienic, as by right, he MUST have a shower first. SOME bastards, even come on the floor in open dark rooms, or just wipe it somewhere say on the sofa, which is so annoying for the others. also, lubes and condom is fine. what about mint chocolates or mouth fresheners. also have a shower every time u come. also have a shower before u take a dip in the hydro pool. many don’t even observe all this. contrastingly, I am an Indian, and most Singaporeans have to say that Indian men smell or are unclean. Well, ps note that they do NONE of what I have written above. Also on the physical side…. it does not matter if he has a big or small one, but PS ADVISE the folks to shave their pubic hair as well as their arm pits, as it’s much cleaner then (BTW, NONE of the Chinese here do so). Else u may have to reach out for the branches before the actual THING. ha ha. Just some serious tips from my side.

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