Sex Standing Up Sex Standing Up At The Gay Baths

If you want to be a regular patron at the baths, there is one sexual activity you need to master to be a bathhouse pro. No, I’m not talking about being an experienced top or an expert at oral. You need to know how to have sex while standing up.

When considering having sex, you think horizontally, not vertically. Not so at the baths. That’s because guys are not interested in quality time. Nope, they want it fast, they want it quick, and they want it as many times as possible.

As a result, you will see guys having sex standing up. Even if they have room for privacy, guys think, “Why waste time? Let’s do it now.” Sex at the baths happens more often publicly than privately. Plus, there are so many places to have sex at the baths. The sauna, the steam room, the hallway, the whirlpool, the shower area, the darkroom, and the list goes on.

Having sex in a vertical position is not as easy as it sounds. It is a challenging balancing act as you and your partner have passionate sex naked. At the same time, hold your towel in one hand while the other hand is stroking off a nice cock. Very inconvenient to have sex with just one hand. Plus, you don’t want to drop that towel on the floor. So you have no choice but to hold on to it. My only advice is to throw that towel around your neck. But it can be awkward as you want each other’s chest to be skin-to-skin. Having these big white fluffy towels around the neck gets in the way.

If you think that is tricky, try getting rimmed while standing. Your only recourse is to bend over and spread those legs. Because there is no position where you can lift your legs in the air while standing up. Then there is trying to suck cock while squatting. That makes juggling a towel even harder. But if you like to give blowjobs, you are in gay heaven at the baths. With so many available cocks, there is no shortage of places where you can blow someone. It is truly a buyer’s market. Not to mention loads of glory holes to lurk around. But because guys will be mostly standing, practice your squatting position. It is an excellent exercise for the muscles of the thighs, hips, and buttocks. It’s an activity where you get two for the price of one!

What about trying to fuck someone? The only way is to do it against a wall. But instead of trying to fuck in the most awkward positions standing, why don’t more guys want to have sex in the luxury of someone’s room? Wouldn’t that make sense? I’ve observed that going to someone’s room would mean the guy would give more of himself to the other person. That in-depth side he doesn’t want to give to just anyone. Sure, a guy can be hardcore and animalistic regarding sex. But stepping into someone’s room crosses the line of giving oneself to a particular person. Guys at the baths like to separate the personal and the sex. Sex is sex – period. My feelings inside are for me, and I’m not giving that to you.

Case in point – this guy is 6 foot, blond, blue-eyed, with a well-defined body. He can walk into any gay bar and get any guy, yet he is a regular at the baths. He refuses to go into a guy’s room or speak to anyone. He dresses in a bathing suit, enters the darkroom, and stands there. He wants to be body worshiped and sucked off. At any given time, there can be up to five guys pawing all over him, Sucking his tits and his cock, running their hands all over his body. But no kissing (too personal), and no words are exchanged. He never goes after anyone; Instead, he stands in a corner and waits for guys to come to him. He ensures his feet are firmly planted on the ground so nobody can take his bathing suit off. Guys have tried, so they can get him completely naked. But with his feet glued to the floor, that bathing suit rests around his ankles.

Another reason for so much sex standing up is the lack of a room. You often meet up with a guy, and neither has a room. So you can’t go into a room even if you want to. That means finding someplace in that bathhouse where you can have sex. Fortunately, many baths have offered a solution to this problem. They have standing booths, just like telephone booths, only without the telephone. So and your hook up, go into the booth, shut the door, and let the magic happen. It is awkward and hard to maneuver standing up. But what choice do you have? If you have no place to go for privacy, it is either one of the booths or no sex at all.

If there are no privacy booths, you have no choice but to have sex in the open. Of course, others will notice what you are doing, having sex so publicly. If you are an exhibitionist and have no problem with guys observing, you will be fine. But some are shy about giving a blowjob in front of an audience. It is probably okay to view from a distance. But some guys can be pretty rude about how they watch.

Some men get up close when watching guys having sex at the baths. How close? How about standing beside you, nose to nose, while he jerks his cock off. Most of the guys watching this up close are usually out of shape and not the most attractive (yes, I know, but hey, we are all superficial). These observers ignore all the signs of getting lost and think they are invited to join in. It can be annoying to have this uninvited guy trying to join in while you are having sex.

Here is the etiquette for this situation if you are the observer. If you see two men having sex, and neither guy can pass as your twin, observe only. Watch from a distance, and don’t join in. But what if one of the men could pass as your twin? Same advice as above, but watch them intently. If you get a nod or a signal from either, slink over and join in.

Another reason for having sex standing up is not to break the mood. Things get hot, and you are having a great time. One of you suggests going back to his room, so you do. Upon arrival inside the room, there was no connection. Before, you were kissing and sucking, having a great time. Now you are in the privacy of a room, and you find that you are not sexually compatible. You are both bottoms, don’t like to rim, or don’t view him as attractive under new lighting. There could be a variety of reasons. But the mood gets broken when you step into someone’s room. So don’t be surprised when the guy you are with resists returning to your room. Two reasons are that he wants it quick or doesn’t want to break the mood because that has happened to him previously.

Take this advice if you take anything from this essay about having sex vertically at the baths. Tall, lanky guys make the best lovers to have sex with standing up.

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