About Me
About Me

Welcome. I am a gay Asian male, and I have written a gay bathhouse blog called Bathhouse Blues. These are my experiences and observations in a gay bathhouse setting for over 20 years. This site represents the best and most educational stories on bathhouse culture.

Bit of background. Since I was 21 years old, I have visited the baths for over twenty years. Usually, once a week. Sometimes two or three times a week. I have gone at all hours – morning, noon, night, or very late at night. Through those visits, I have met some of the most diverse and exciting people. Having terrific conversations with men I’ve never met before. Seeing things I never knew, such as Bukake, Glory Holes, and even open drug use. Now I want to share what I have witnessed.

I started writing these stories because I realized no one has ever written about what goes on in a bathhouse. You can find many erotic stories written about sensual encounters at the baths. But there is practically nothing written about the sexual politics and culture in a bathhouse. It is a whole other world. By writing about these topics, I hope that people can better understand a gay bathhouse. It should not be looked down upon as a dirty word.

I will not tell you who I am or where I reside. I will say that these stories originate in a vast urban North American city, with an extensive and diverse gay community. I want the reader to use their imagination when they read these stories, as the setting could occur in any city, big or small, as the bathhouse experiences are genuinely universal.

Hopefully, you will be entertained, educated, and see things in a different light.

These are my stories. I hope you enjoy them.

– Me.

49 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I enjoy your Blog, I find your views and experience very similar to mine. Being an older Asian male, is difficult, probably because of a lot of reasons (mainly due to race/age/body/etc.). Every now and then I am able to score big time, other times not so much. With Covid-19 ravaging our cities and communities, not having an outlet to get together is sad…but better than dying, Hopefully the vaccine will help and we can eventually go back to the bathhouses.

  2. I keep hoping for new entries – it’s been 5 mos even for your reblogs of your past entries. Any plans to update for your devotees?

  3. Did I ever tell you about that night at the Vulcan in SD ? Well I was in the jacuzzi with a bunch of men I wasn’t really interested in but I ended up with somebodys big toe up my ass. Everybody maintained a straight face.
    Also I think the whole small dicked Asian thing is wrong. I have sucked a lot of Asian cock and I can say they cum in every size. In fact the smallest dick I ever sucked belonged to a blonde twinky white boy.
    LOVE your blog keep it up.

  4. This is likely not the right place to ask this; feel free to move or delete it if so. I’m wondering if you (or people more generally) distinguish between bathhouses and sex clubs. I’ve been to the two bathhouses where I live, in Philly, but I have this image in my head – maybe from fiction, porn, fantasy; maybe not existing in real life at all – of places that the bathhouses I’ve been to just don’t compare to. I’m sure the bathhouses here aren’t exactly state of the art, (if they are, get me some money and I’ll put together one that’ll blow your mind and a lot more), but I don’t think what I’m referring to is just the difference between a so-so bathhouse and a great one; I think they’re two different, likely related, animals, – but maybe one of those animals is a figment of my imagination. Thanks.

  5. Hey, thanks for your comment about my Gay Demon story, “Raunch in the Mountains: Dan at a Guesthouse.” I think guys “sitting”: are super-cute. Really into that and spanking. Have a lot of bathhouse experience from my younger days, may write some of that sometime. You have adorable dimples, BTW. And a great website. Best, Steve

  6. OK I stumbled upon this site today and glad to see you are still writing about your experiences. It’s been a while since I followed your escapades, way back when I used to go to the baths myself in NYC. I enjoyed reading stories about all this in the (New York City) Village Voice.

    Your writing was/is way better and I used to send you the papers to prove it. If this rings a bell, hi!

  7. I think I have read a truly meaningful set of articles, informative, entertaining, and human too. I also admire the author’s insight and emotional maturity. wish he writes more, and emails me promptly saying so!

  8. Love your site, as Iā€™m a longtime bathhouse attendee. Will spend many happy hours going over all you have done.

  9. OMG! I stumbled across your site, and EVERY ONE of your diary entries spoke directly to me! Your words and experiences TOTALLY reflect my own experience. The fears when a newbie. The frustrations of rejection. The joys of cuddling. And on & on! So poignant! So on the mark! It was as if you were writing my own diary as well! Dang, if you’re not already a professional writer, then you should be! Your words so incredibly resonated with me. Thank you, thank you, for such a wonderful, honest, insightful, and poignant site. ****** You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve received hundreds of requests from those visiting your site, wanting to know who you are and contact/meet you. When you write such personal, resonating experiences, its not surprising. However, I’m sure you want to maintain your privacy, and can’t reply to such requests. Understandable. However, just in the event that you DO reply to occasional guestbook signers, I would be honored if you would reply to me. (If it matters, my description is: GWM, 38, same phenomenon as you–still young/boyish looks, despite being older– 5’10”, 140#, blond, blue, slim 5K-runner’s build, boy-next-door acting (regular; not femme, not macho), LA/OC California area. So…Hope you’ll consider emailing me. Thank you! Kind regards, –J

  10. Usually I visit a blog just to look at the guys, and paid no attention to what they write. But yours is so different. I even understand some of my own experiences now. I think you should be a writer.

  11. Have you shopped your stories to an independent filmmaker yet? A few of these stories would make a great gay movie.

  12. Jeesh…what a mess this blog is.

    It’s 95% advertising and 5% content.

    You spend a lot of time complaining about how your revenue stream is down.

    Well…first of all…try getting a real job…

    Second of all…try not misleading people with links to ‘free’ porn that are actually sign up pages for pay porn.

    As a bigger issue…your business model is based on the idea that gay men are still entranced by gay bath houses.

    That really isn’t the case.

    As men have become more able to meet each other in public and have relations without fear of prosecution by authorities…the need to hide out in sleazy bath houses has subsided.

    I’d maintain that most young gay people don’t even know what a bath house is.

  13. Great site but I seriously believe all those ads with sites that only feature “all-American white men” undermines EVERYTHING you wrote; I really do. Maybe it’s because that’s what your into and this site is simply a front for despising the fact your not able to get em but whatever the reason is its disheartening.

  14. Get a life; you know where you are going to go when you die now, a sphere of total lust and addiction. Free your spirit and lift up.

  15. I just found your site, and am really enjoying it. I work at the Club St. Louis, and everything that I have read here rings true. Thank you very much for taking the time to write about the industry that I work in.

  16. Hi, your Blog is great, lots of good info and a turn on too!

    I’m wondering how you found the bathhouse in your area. I live near Rochester, NY. How can I find my “local” bathhouse? Thanks, and please keep this Blog going, it’s great.

  17. As an older GWM I compliment you for this website, and for the exceptionally well written essays. You are obviously very bright and capable. Thanks for sharing so openly about your experiences and for being so unusually honest about what you know to be important in the bath house culture. It was most refreshing and informative.

  18. All you have called the Bathhouses is the “Bathhouse”. What name would it be under in Calgary as I am unable to locate it.

  19. Hi-I thinks your writing pieces about Asians are stupid. Maybe GWM reject you because you’re ugly, but that doesn’t mean all GAM’s are ugly as you. I am a GAM and I attract very attractive GWM AND GAM. You live in a very little bathhouse world. I think you’re pretty lame if you need to go to a bathhouse to get sex. True studs get it anywhere. Peace out, you freak!

  20. I am a GWM, rice queen, bottom, who has been to a number of bathhouses (probably some you have been to). I loved your candor and your sharing your experiences. You are perceptive.

    If you are ever in Cleveland or Akron or Columbus, let me know where you are going to be. I’d let you have me.

  21. Hi. You maybe don’t get too many female readers, but I just wanted to thank you for your most informative website essays. It is wonderful that you have taken the time to share so much information with the public in this way. I’m sure that many men have found the information specifically useful if they haven’t been to a bathhouse before. However just on a sociological/informational level, I found your website fascinating and read almost all of the essays. It was eye-opening, as I knew nothing about the details of this subject before reading your site. You have a way with your writing that shows a true compassion for other people, while sharing even the not-so-great facts about the situation. You seem to be very insightful (and sweet — but hopefully you won’t take that as an insult) (I know how some men like to protect their machoness). šŸ™‚ Thanks again for making the effort to share your thoughts and experiences with the world.

  22. I read some of the stories and it made me jerk off a couple times. I want to go to a bathhouse now. I live in Detroit, MI, are there any bathhouses in my area. Any info would be appreciated, thanks.

  23. Bravo for the courage to put your bathhouse log on line.Don’t blame too much on your Asian background. In the gay circle, if you are fat, starting losing hair, passing the age of 30, you are out of the game.

    1. Hey “nap” why don’t you just go on and eat your poutine or croissants and shut up. People that have filters in their mind that automatically say no Asians, no blacks, no Indians, etc. is a form of racism you stupid turd. En Francais ya stupid fool.

  24. I like your stories and your sensibility. I would like to see a photo of you. I hope you have find a job. Please answer, it would be so nice. Keep doing…

  25. You’re nasty and I hope that I never was unlucky enough to be within 100 miles of you at any given time

  26. I’m wondering why your site is down and hoping that you will restore it and all your great essays. I really enjoyed it and miss it. Last time you visited a Bathhouse couple months ago

  27. Hi: I like your site a lot. You would be a fun person with whom to talk. You seem sweet. The bathhouses intimidate me. I’m more into emotional get-together s. But I like your sense of freedom and self-confidence. If you email me I can send you my photo. I’m kind of cute even though I’m not white. Just in case you want to become friends. Take care.

  28. I wish you would have more respect for yourself.

    You must be a walking pool of filth after so many visits to the bathhouses.

    You choose not to open your mind to other races, but yet you feel bitter that ALOT white men don’t find you attractive. Seems like Poetic Justice is definitely serving you. Open your mind, man…But it seems you won’t and thus…You will continue to be a lonely, little Asian going to bathhouse’s 24/7. Kinda pathetic if you ask me….

  29. It’s sad when reading you’re stories. we share so much in common (appearances and taste 4 man), that’s why I feel so related to you’re articles. I also feel I should be alone and dateless the rest of my life but I’m not going to give up the sex w/ whites. then the future hurting is always there waiting 4 me. anyway, I’ll have my another heartbreaking trip to San Francisco , San Diego and Las Vegas soon in Jan. Can u provide me some advice about the baths there? I thought about telling u my stories but afraid that u might not be interested. well, if u do, u can drop me a line. thanks 4 creating this site.

  30. I really enjoyed reading your stories. You are a very observant and adept writer. Thanks for all the time you’ve spent on them. I will return to read more!

  31. You have obviously never been in a meaningful male-male relationship. Sex is always different; usually most enjoyable with someone that reaches an interest/curiosity/stimulation. Closeted has little to do with it. Sorry, you don’t get it. Cute little ditties you write, but shallow, naive, limited.

  32. i wonder which part of Asia were you from and where are you residing in… i also would like to know more about bathhouse culture

  33. I was very impressed with the stories. I felt bad for you that you feel you’ll always be alone and single. You sound very sweet and kind. My kind of man. I met a wonderful friend at a bath in a foreign country and truly fell in love. It was one of the most wonderful experiences as well as one of the saddest ones.

  34. Bath House Trash, Go away!

    I draw the line with those trash house memoirs. You can keep your sorted little stories between you and the rest of the desperate sluts you meet out at the trash parlor. You have got to be an old dirty man.I really hope that the newly out impressionable men don’t take any of that trash to heart. Do what you want but don’t bring that trash in here.

    1. Curiosity killed the Kat…. Now, whoever wrote that, obviously went and checked it out. i think someone is embarrassed about their bathhouse fetish.

    2. Gotta love a judgmental ignoramus!

      First, and least importantly, it’s “sordid” not “sorted”. I think that was about 6th grade vocabulary?

      Second, haven’t we, as a sub-culture, suffered enough judgment, constraint and, generally, suppression of our rights that we, of all “minority” groups, should be celebrating our brothers’ right to enjoy their lives how they see fit? Certainly even an up-tight, bitter queen like you should have that right. One can hope you’ll evolve to the point where you see that and can give into the community instead of loathing yourself and spreading the cancer of non-acceptance from within. (But to hope that, given your obvious lack of character, intellect and knowledge, would likely be a fool’s errand.)

  35. Jeez! I wish you were in my town! I love Asian guys. I’m 28 years old, very masculine and in shape but have had no luck finding ANY Asian men in my city… poor me!

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