Why Gay Men Go To The Baths
Why Gay Men Go To The Baths

All these bathhouse stories probably have you asking, “Why do I spend so much time at the baths.” That is a fair question. This essay will clarify why so many gay men (myself included) spend so much time at the baths.

The bathhouse scene is a real society with its rules, culture, and politics. It is another world that’s never been written about until now. There is one thing the baths can offer that no other gay establishment can offer – total acceptance. Let’s face it; the gay community is very segregated and superficial. If you are a gym bunny, you belong in the circuit scene. If you are a Twink, it is the nightclub and bar scene. If you are a Bear, it is the leather scene, and so on. You would be hard-pressed to find a Gay Senior or a Visible Minority in any of these gay environments.

The baths are the only gay meeting place where you can see a cross-section of every gay group imaginable – all under the same roof. On any night, you can see Latinos, Twinks, Bears, Chubs, Asians, Blacks, and Gay Seniors: All nationalities, all ages, and all shapes and sizes. Everyone is accepted, and no one gets turned away at the door.

Being practically naked, you are inhibited and vulnerable. Stripped of clothing, people’s walls and guards are down. It puts men interacting with one another on an equal level playing field. No one knows the other person’s profession or status, as everyone is in a towel. You might have corporate lawyers interacting with truck drivers, and so on. The inequality aspect of the baths happens when everyone is naked – as some men are better looking than others.

While no one will get turned away at the door, men still get judged by their looks at the baths. But you have a better chance of meeting someone at the baths than at a bar or club. That is because bathhouses offer different types of men. In contrast, bars and clubs cater to a specific type of man – twinks, bears, muscle men, etc. It would be a venue filled with men having the same characteristics. In short, bathhouses offer more variety, giving you better chances to meet someone.

While both the baths and the bars are superficial, the baths tend to be more honest because everyone is naked. There is nothing to hide. Whereas in a bar, everyone performs, and clothes can hide a person’s flaws. Despite all of the strides and advances gays and lesbians have made in mainstream society, it can still be isolating to be gay in the gay community. The baths allow men to mix with other gay men from all walks of life. It fills a need to connect with someone, one more reason why so many gay men go to the baths. Why this urge? One word: loneliness, or rather a subconscious feeling of isolation.

In reality, the need for sex in the gay community is the hunger to connect with another gay man. The sexual act fills the loneliness and the need for companionship, whether a quick blowjob or anal intercourse. That is why a lot of sex occurs in a bathhouse. The bottom line? There are a lot of lonely gay men in the world.

But many gay men go to the baths looking for some companionship in a non-sexual way. That is why you see more married, bi, or closeted men at the baths. These men don’t have many dealings interacting with the gay community. But they have this need to connect in some way with other gay men. Whether it is a conversation or observing two gay men having a quickie, it fills that need to be with another man. These men feel safer connecting with other gay men at the baths than in bars or clubs, as it is a closed-door environment. Bathhouses offer these men a false sense of security and acceptance. That feeling of freedom to let go and feel uninhibited.

But it is not only these straight men needing to connect. Many gay men are lonely and need to communicate with other gay men. That is why you see the same men repeatedly at the baths. Think of a regular customer at a bar, and you get the idea – the sheer subconscious feeling of loneliness and a need to connect with other gay men.

I’m lucky that the bathhouse I go to is known as the friendlier place to go, which is the backdrop to all these stories. All the regular clientele is warm and welcoming. In short, it is not only a sexual atmosphere but a social one. That social aspect is why men go to this particular bathhouse. Free sex is a secondary reason. Usually, it is the other way around, so it is why this bathhouse is so special. Also, you do not have to restrict yourself to doing just one thing. If there is no one interesting around, there are other things you can do. You can sit in the sauna & steam room, relax in the whirlpool, read magazines in the lounge, watch TV or porn flicks, and chat with other guys. There is something for everyone.

When you start seeing the same men over and over again, conversations do begin to take place. Friendships can develop. But the thing you have to remember is that all of these friendships are superficial. Once you leave the baths, you only see these men again at the next bathhouse visit. If you run into them again at the baths, you quickly pick up the conversation where you last left off. That could have been a week ago or even six months ago. For instance, I was chatting in the lounge with another friend. Many guys passed by, and I said hello to several men. I knew all of them, 15 in all. But I’m experienced enough to know that these relationships are superficial. They don’t go outside of the bathhouse environment.

If you know relationships at the baths are superficial, that’s great. Unfortunately, many guys buy into this false sense of security that a relationship grows at the baths. That thinking sets you up for a BIG fall. Plus, not all bathhouses are friendly, as conversation is practically non-existent at other bathhouses. The majority of them are rather cold and uninviting. For example, another bathhouse in my city attracts the most drop-dead gorgeous men; everyone looks like they have stepped out of a GQ magazine. But if you glance at any of these men, they will verbally rip you to shreds. The atmosphere is so intense; the guys are there for one reason only. To get laid as much as possible, seeing sex as clinical and functionary. Many bathhouses are like that.

Therefore, because of its friendliness, I keep going to this particular bathhouse (not the one with the gorgeous men). I have been a loyal customer for decades. My reason for going is to escape. After a long day, it is lovely to get away from the world. Have steam or sauna, dip in the whirlpool, and chat with someone. You feel like you have escaped the world for a while, and no one will find you. You are away from cell phones, e-mails, texts, and everyone. Sometimes it is funny. I will be at the baths, completely naked in the lounge, watching the news in my towel. Beside me are a coffee and a roaring fireplace. I look out of the window and see it is raining. The real world is on the TV, and I am in this escape world behind closed doors.

The irony does not escape me.

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  1. Most men who go to the baths do so because it’s expedient. They want sex with a guy. Pleasure. They are not looking for love and romance, nor are they looking for social interaction. There is little or no conversation. Communication is done with body language. The majority of the clients are closeted married guys or gay guys who don’t have a boyfriend, or they are cheating on their boyfriend. They are there to AVOID emotional connection. They simply want the sex. They are not there to service you; they are there to use your body. If you’re at the bath and hoping to find an emotional connection or boyfriend, you’re fishing in the wrong type of waters. But the sex is like cocaine high. Immediately afterward, you often feel guilt or remorse…. and the only way to fix it is to do it all over again.

  2. To read what you write jells so much of what I’ve sensed but couldn’t articulate. I just want you to know that you’re a gift and you’ve shared it with me. La Rochefoucald’s search for truth by knowing oneself, finds the most progress with you I’ve seen. You’ve helped me see that too. I just wish I could have gotten to your point at 30, what a lucky guy you are!

  3. My friend, first of all I have to say I pretty much agree with your bathhouse blog. The stories are interesting and quite real. The fact that the gay community is so cliquey sickens me actually. Myself, I tend to be attracted to Asian men mostly, but also enjoy other races as well. One thing I won’t do is to be rude to someone or not talk to him just because of his “race”. My belief is you should treat the person the same way, as you want to be treated. Thank you for your stories. You sound like such a nice person.

    1. To TOM VLASIC –

      Sir, I have NEVER been so comforted by an article in all my life as I was (am) by yours. I believe you have not only hit the nail on the head, but you have answered questions I have felt for the past 35 years. What you said struck a note with me, one that resonates more each time I think about it, and every time I read it – I simply feel much better about myself, thanks to you.

      I hope this message gets to you as yours has gotten to me, and again, thank you…

  4. Keep up the great writing skills you have. I enjoy reading them. It makes me feel like I am at the baths.

  5. My dear, I’m a Brazilian guy living for 6 months in Canada with the purpose of learning English. In Brazil it’s easy to make the connection and get sex, but here in Canada…

    That’s why I tried bathhouses. First I lived in Vancouver, where I had one of the most incredible experiences of my life: I met a guy in a bathhouse who immediately I connected with. We could even date, but I had to leave the city and now I live in Edmonton, where my experiences haven’t been so good. I feel people not as nice as people in BC. Here they seem afraid of each other, and just a little movement happens in the bathhouses.

    I really like the smoothness of Asian bodies, and I tried to get sex with two Asian guys: the first one touched my dick, and when I asked to fuck him he told that he would never do this, and quickly left the room!

    The other one asked to suck me and 10 secs later stopped and told me I was smelling, and simply turned back!

    I’m going back to Vancouver next month, luckily. What can you say me about the houses here in Canada, and how to show I’m a top?

    Thank you so much. Take care.

  6. Hi! I chanced upon your site today and I absolutely love your entries. In fact, I’m amazed that someone has actually documented down all his bath house experiences. Great job! I’m definitely bookmarking your blog

  7. Thank you! I read your words and it helped me understand what is happening in our community. I am a Gay black man. I have felt the same as you when it comes to dealing with white men, but I will say I too ignored Asian men it was not until I traveled to China and meet men that changed my perception. Your article has helped me. Thank

  8. Hi. I have never been to a bathhouse. After perusing your wealth of bathhouse knowledge, I find myself quite curious. I wish to thank you for your words of wisdom. I would also like to let you know that I am a 30-something GWM, and I wouldn’t hesitate to make any, interested, GAM smile!

  9. Wow, yours has to be the saddest, most pathetic website I’ve ever seen posted on the Net.

    I guess you were sitting at a coffee shop one day, and thinking, “fuck, I’m nothing but a used up old Whore, I’ve done nothing with my life, except endless, repetitive, compulsive, addictive cock sucking day in & day out, and I’ve wasted all my opportunities … what am I going to do with myself!?” .. then you had the “brilliant” idea that you could take your “marketable” skills as an Old Slut, and teach others of the “sex-addict wisdom” you’ve acquired .. is that the story? Wow man, you are one big, fucked up sex addict!

    That you can even think what you’re doing has any redeemable qualities attached to it is even more pathetic than the so called “service” you think you’re offering. Ya, that’s a great thing to be encouraging confused, closeted, married men to do .. how to become desensitized, how to be totally disconnected from their deeper needs of intimacy, belonging, and love .. ya, teach them how to walk the halls of the baths at 2:00 a.m. for years on end (like you yourself have) .. teach them how to numb out from their real feelings of loneliness and the longing for real connection, show them how to block out the passage of time and opportunity, and advise them of the best position for propping their ass up in the air to look inviting to all the other whores passing by their doorways as if on a conveyor belt of addiction.

    Sister .. get yourself to a therapist .. or to a 12-Step meeting for sexual addiction, because if you really think this is your “life’s calling” you are in a very sad and dangerous state of mind indeed! Wake up you stupid, old Whore .. this is NOT what you should be doing with your energy and creativity. This is NOT a service .. It’s a pathetic, last ditch attempt to attach some worth, meaning and credibility to the empty pit of your own experiences .. you’re trying to make it look like some slick, professional service, but this is so transparent .. you’ve hit the wall Mary .. you’ve run out of exit doors, and you think this might, in some pathetic way, give legitimacy to your decades of emptiness and unproductively.

    I will really say a prayer for you .. because you’re really walking in the dark backwards, and you clearly have given up on yourself. There is help out there, and I think you know that. Good luck ..and I really hope you can find some real reason to be alive .. and showing people how to “successfully” navigate in a world of emptiness, self-loathing, loneliness and empty, driven, addictive sexual ritual .. honey .. that’s not a reason to be a human being on this earth. You must have more in you than that … don’t you? I think you do .. and I hope you reach out to find the help you so desperately need.

    Don’t bother responding .. as I’m not too interested in hearing some self-deluded rant about what a great thing you’re doing .. and how you’re helping all these poor, closested guys .. etc. etc. What those men need is therapy to help them feel good about being gay, how to come out, how to find a positive, gay social environment, how to date, and find a partner that will love and care for them .. all of them .. not some lonely version of themselves roaming the halls of the local bathouse in a towel.

    I hope you find some inner sense of peace, and the love you deserve .. both from yourself, and from other people .. not more strangers in the dark who could care less if you live or die .. or anything else about you. Bye for now.

  10. Well, I fell on your site and fell in love with it. I’m 36 and have been going to baths safely for years. Some of your stuff is awesome — I totally understand. As for me, I’m a white guy, and I really don’t care which race I have sex with. I go to the baths to get naked, get hard (I never use a towel), and suck and fuck and just have a great time. I never understood this deal where you have to be having sex with either the “right” looking guy, or “right” race, or whatever. Hell, if a guy wants to suck my dick he can go for it and I do the same thing. Anyway, I’ll keep reading. Hit me back with an e-mail sometime.

  11. Great Great Great. You really tell your side of the story, and you tell it like it is. It’s too bad you must stay anonymous but some of the things you say might not be taken in a constructive light.

  12. I met my current young lover 4 years ago after our first month and I took him to a bathhouse, his first experience. He was surprised and grateful that I would share this with him. He found your site for me last night. I love what you have done here. I’m not sure how to participate yet but I’ll keep looking. Thank You.

  13. I found your site very interesting. When I thought about it I’ve probably been coming to the baths for 25 years, but definitely not 3 times a week!

    I live in Melbourne, Australia and so noticed some differences between your experience and mine – I am a 52 year old GWM, so I guess that’s to be expected.

    Aussie baths normally have private rooms available to anyone who’s paid the door charge. Entry varies from about $US7 – 10, depending on the place, and the time of day. The rooms are basic, with a bench for lying on, an adjustable light, and normally basic supplies – paper towel, lube, condoms. Glory holes tend to be in glory hole areas – there’s one place in Sydney where there’s cubicles on two levels – the bottom level for those who suck, the top level for the tops, who shove their dicks through the holes. They get quite a workout.

    In all the time I’ve been going there, nobody has ever asked me for money, although someone I once met there became a hustler some time later.

    I can’t remember people keeping their clothes on much – only once, a very beautiful Asian guy who kept his jeans on – it was his way of slowing things down so that he was able to negotiate with the person he wanted to have sex with.
    I’m a rice queen, I guess you could say, and I have noticed that whilst I might have been a minority of one a long time ago, a lot of Aussies with Anglo backgrounds are interested in Asian men here right now.

    And my 35 year old Chinese boyfriend gets a lot of interest and offers at our local suburban gym, which seems to be the experience of a number of Asian men I know. Too much eye contact from interested parties, rather than not enough.

    I haven’t researched this, but I’ve often wondered about it: sometimes the kinds of people I want are all over me, sometimes they won’t have anything to do with me. The last two times I went to the baths – the first time there were eight or ten men I was interested in, not one of them was interested in me. The next time, there were about the same number, and nobody said “no”.

    Was it that the first time I was just unlucky, this particular group of people were only interested in younger men? Or was it some subliminal message I was giving them? (BTW, none of them took me on in preference to another Asian – not that I’m aware of, anyway).

    I’ve certainly met a lot of people at the baths, some of whom are my friends to this day (including an ex now living in San Francisco). But I’ve also experienced a complete sense of desolation and loneliness, to the point where the light goes out of my eyes (and people comment on it, as in “When I first met you, your eyes seemed completed dead, so far gone it was scary” – I don’t actually think going to the baths does a lot for my life energy. And my experience was that it was a training in desire – always looking at the next person, not being satisfied with the one you have right now.

    My current boyfriend won’t go near the baths, and hates me going there. He has an acute ability to pick when I’ve snuck off there (lying to him doesn’t work, he can always work it out) – he gets so angry he’s left me with bruises all over. But I still have this desire for … affirmation, and some form of connection, some how.

    I think it’s good you’ve got your website up and running.

  14. I enjoy meeting people for mutual entertainment; I enjoy anything that’s safe and sane!!!

    Had good time on Monday night at Man Club, Met Kiwi Guy with BIG BLACK COCK & He screwed me a few times, with the other guys there!!!

    “Born to take it, both ends!!! All the time!!!”

  15. You may find it strange, but I am a straight white female and I am posing this. But hey, I read all of your writings on the bath houses and I find them wonderful! I feel that everyone should do there own thing, straight, gay, or bi and be proud of it. Though going against the norms of society can be hard, continue to live your life and be as happy as you can be! I have never had any gay feelings for someone, and am engaged to a wonderful man! Yet I believe in choosing your own lifestyle and being happy in it. You really should get your writings published, they are great!

  16. As far as multiple orgies at a bath house, I have seen the “Glory”! Well, I should admit participation. Apparently you haven’t been to Detroit!!

  17. Thank you… for your site. I’ve enjoyed your stories and find them not only entertaining but also full of insight. I hope that you’ll be able (and more important, willing) to continue on another site. If you do, I’ll be there. If you don’t …well, I hope you don’t have to deal with idiots like the ones who are censoring you. Well, if I’m very lucky perhaps we’ll meet at the baths in Providence. (don’t mind me … I just get into these flirty moods sometimes. Just being a bit silly … sincere, but silly.) Again, good luck, thanks, and I’ll be looking for an announcement that you’ve found a new hosting site very soon.Again, thanks for your work. Good luck

  18. I have read most of your comments and am impressed by the closeness that they come to what I have experienced at the baths. I am not there quite as often as you say but my experiences say that some of the things you point out seem to be universal with some exceptions. You mention the Asian isolation, I think that the same is found for many groups of persons such as older men such as myself (64). But I have also found that being friendly gets friendly. I go to get off without commitment. It works. But I have also made some friends that I have been with after the bath. I am a romantic, love to cuddle, hug and kiss. Getting off is secondary to this. Am open to discuss my experiences further.

  19. It is a very interesting stories and your stories make me feel like I want to go to the bath house you are talking about….So I am just wondering where exactly is this Bath house

  20. Think I erased everything. Thanks for creating this site. Really enjoyed the stories. Do you know of any baths in either Cincinnati Ohio, or NYC. Have a friend I think would benefit from a “Friendly” Bath like the one you described w/the regulars. Do you know of any like that in Chicago, IL? He’s very conservative but I think he’d really open up w/a positive experience, especially if it’s one w/few racists (he’s Black). Thanks again for this site. If I ever go to a Bath, hopefully I’ll either meet someone like you for whatever. Take care.

  21. Hey there! I just happened across your website and was intrigued as I agree that the bathhouse culture is something that is very stigmatized and under reported on even in the gay community. I read your article on rice queens and had a multitude of responses. As a 24 y/o gay white boi who frequents bath houses I agree with your assessment of most Asian bois and wanted to say that u say you ‘ve only heard from self professed rice queens. I’d dare say that that this is due in large part to the gay community increasingly further self segregating itself. While my preference in the past has been Asian bois and white bois i think I’m far from a rice queen. However, I’ve been labeled a rice queen many times even though my last bf was white. To me it seems a matter of preference; I’ve dated some of the most gorgeous white bois I’ve ever seen and also seen Asian guys i had no interest in whatsoever. For me it’s a preference ; I like guys around my age, weight and height and also smooth, that just happens to usually be Asian bois… (especially at the bathes the majority of white guys are taller, heavier, hairier whatever (although again I’ve been with some gorgeous white bois at the bathes too but sometimes i wonder how much of it is true stereotyping and how much is some response to being rejected and having to have a “reason” why someone didn’t return your advances…. (eg perhaps the flip side you were too thin, short etc, As I’ve noticed that most buff white guys at the bathes seem to like only other buff guys and if a buff Asian comes along I’d think they have a better chance than some skinny white boi like me… Or, maybe I’m just babbling.. lol feel free to email me back if you have a response (although i must say i haven’t read the racism at the bathes portion so maybe I’ve addressed some of this there. ) as you seem like an interesting person and I’m glad i happened across your site. Hope all is well on your end and take care of yourself.

  22. Question for you. where in Miami are there bath houses? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one here.

  23. Enjoyed your comments. You write very well with more than a kernel of truth. Enjoy your life NOW for the bird of time is on the wing! Take care.

  24. I love your site – once I stumbled onto it, I couldn’t stop reading. Not that I agree with you on everything, but that doesn’t matter. You’re thoughtful and smart – and you write about a place no one else is writing about. I love the bath houses . I travel all over the country (and Europe) and have seen more bath houses than I can remember. So thanks for keeping this web site. And remember that some of us white boys under forty really do love Asian (or as my friend says, Gaysian) men. The only reason I can imagine that more white guys don’t hit on Asian guys is because most white guys don’t have any taste. Keep up the good work.

  25. Great site — your journals are well-written and interesting; it’s neat that someone has taken such an objective look @ the baths — it’s a unique world — nothing else comes close

  26. When I came out I fell into the lusty world of things here in NYC. I have always wondered what if I had never been born here. But at the same time I have no regrets on my sexuality or carnality. I enjoy the quick and unpretentious of the instant encounter. At the same time I have always tried to remain a nice, mannered and decent guy. I believe you do too. When people say the word “slut” remember that’s its an anagram for the word “lust” and out of all the 7 deadly sins I will gladly have that rather than greed, envy, hate, etc. I am open to a relationship or a quickie. I let life define itself as it unfurls itself to me. No agendas. Goals and dreams yes.Thanks for taking the time for writing your diaries. They show a mind of intelligence behind the primal lust.

  27. And I thought I’d given some thought to the psychology/sociology/pathology of the baths! it will take me some time to absorb your observations and I’m looking forward to responding to them.

  28. Your site is great – i really enjoyed reading it. As a fellow gay man I could relate to your experiences. Thank you for your insights and candor! Take care – keep up the good work.

  29. I haven’t read all your articles yet, but I would like to thank you for sharing your experience. When I get a bit more time I may share some of my stories with you.

  30. I have never been to a bathhouse… It’s always been forbidden fruit to me. I even walked in one in Chicago then walked out–I lost my nerve. I just lost my boyfriend because he likes to go tricking around and I can barely stand to go to a bar! So, I’m feeling like I may have to loosen up some. I’ve been out to my parents and a few friends only for the past five years. Back then, in 1996, my model of a relationship was like what my mom & dad have, only it’s two guys. Boy, was I naive…I’m still not comfortable with how fluid gay relationships are. I don’t do casual sex–it’s so frightening and alluring at the same time–though I’ve had plenty of opportunities. That’s why I’m writing. It is really valuable to be able to read what it’s like so I’ll know what to expect–if I ever get my courage together to try a bathhouse again or casual, “recreational” sex. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  31. Just went to a bathhouse for the first time last weekend. It was an interesting experience. I am really grateful for your website for giving me the courage to give it a try. I definitely did not regret my descision. Loved hearing your stories about the experiemces and people you found there. I definitely want to give it another try.

  32. I just want to thank you for sharing your stories – I’ve never been to a bath house, but want to go. Until now, I haven’t found an honest description of what the world inside is like. You’ve given me a great personal sense of it, and now, I may just step inside and feel more comfortable (and excited) about the experience. Thanks

  33. Liked your stories. But I found some of what you say quite disturbing. It seems to me that you have given your closet a physical essence (the walls of the bathhouse) and that you are comfortable with yourself inside the bathhouse but not outside it. Get a relationship outside the bathhouse & get more comfortable there too. remember, the bathhouse is just a physical closet & in some ways it seems to have become your prison.

  34. Loved reading your writing. You hit the nail right on the hammer. Or is it the other way around? LOL I just find it amusing that I am one of the only guys I know who likes Asians when I go to the baths. But then again I’m one of the only guys I know who will talk while relaxing there. Anyways keep it up. I enjoyed the stories.

  35. This is fantastic, everything so true, like you, I am a bathhouse fan and some of the most interesting things have happened. I found that some towns have friendlier places and bathhouses, not full of the Adonis types and guys who just want to talk. One crazy experience, in a normal place, hooked up with a guy and we jerked off in the whirl pool ‘in front of the others’, he thought I was mad…

  36. I love your stories and got so excited by them. I wish I could find one of these facilities to find out more about myself. Can you tell me where to find a good one? I lived in Pittsburgh once for six years but have not seen any

  37. Hey, did you actually do that stuff? I’ve never done anything sexual, and I’m still totally in the closet. So these stories are awesome, but have you ever seen any guys get seduced? that would be a great story. email me, cya

  38. Hi loved reading what you said. I myself visited the Water Gardens everyday. I actually studied for school there and got a lot done while guys were fucking in the next room heehe I’m white guy 45 love Asian guys since I was 20 I guess. 5 9″ slim smooth 29w 150# I would love to meet you.

  39. Hi, I believe we have something in common. I too have been going to the bathhouses for a couple of years now. I got interested in bathhouses in Europe. I truly believe they have the best houses. I now live in Michigan and use to frequent the bathhouse in Chicago. The steam works as it is called now (before=unicorn). There you have all shapes and size and color. I love the clientele. I hope to hear from you soon on the subject.

  40. Gguuuurrrrrrllllll, lets tell the truth about what is really seen at the baths or a.k.a. grandma’s!!!!!!! My friends and I went and yes I was fun but let me just say that anyone, no matter how they look will show up there expecting to get some…. no ma’am some three hundred pound walrus was floating around in the pool ” on a raft ” and four other trolls were , well lets just saying getting down poolside for our viewing disgust but trust it was a place to go instead of going home cracked… so I’m not bitching at all it was quite hilarious – so honey when you write your experiences add a chapter entitled ” The no ma’am chapter “

  41. Hey, I live far away from you, but my observations and guys’ behavior in Polish gay baths are exactly the same. The same way we get hot, the same way we suffer when rejected or disregarded by more cute and younger guys. But still… we keep going there. Have you ever thought about publishing your stories as a book?

  42. I found these stories sweet, touching and honest. I’ve never been to the baths and really have no desire to go. But I love the open heartedness of the author and would like to talk and cuddle for hours with such a beautiful soul.

  43. I enjoyed reading your stories. Now I was wondering where this friendly bath house is located. I went to one in Chicago a few years ago on Western. The people there were very friendly, I don’t believe it is still there though. Anyway, thanks for the interesting page.

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