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This is a fascinating article. "Boiling Rice" talks about the un-discussed, but disturbingly prevalent racist attitude against Gay Asian Men in the gay community. Click link to read - Boiling Rice

Of course, this website has been talking about this subject for years. Below are comments about the story "Boiling Rice", taken from a discussion board.

Because most discussion forums are anonymous, gay men feel free to write or say whatever they want. No worries about political correctness on the Internet. The following comments seems very indicative about how Gay Men REALLY view Gay Asian Men in the gay community.

This is a joke, right?

Fascinating story and finally calling the Asians on their own self-loathing shit.

I think it's time we stop naively assuming that white male gay men are exempt from racism, classism, and sexism.

Well, if you can't get a cute, young Anglo guy, I guess you know now what to look for.

Yeah, they are all so desperate for white guys, they'll take just about anything--now that's their own social disease and they need to deal with it!

"--now that's their own social disease and they need to deal with it!"

No it's not. We live in a society where the dominant culture directly and indirectly tells us all, "You're not alright, unless you are White." Like it or not, the self-loathing is a by-product of this indoctrination.

Jeez. I'm kind of fat and geeky. I face widespread prejudice wherever I go -especially gay nightclubs.

" I face widespread prejudice wherever I go -especially gay nightclubs. "

So do men over 50. So do many couples that choose to be monogamous. So do people in intergenerational relationships. So do people who aren't necessarily out for just sex. So do people who can't afford the "right clothes". So do people who aren't very pretty.

Hey 1:30AM poster, that excuse is bullshit. There you go blaming white people for being more beautiful than Asians or blacks. Have you ever heard the tag line "don't hate me cause I'm beautiful"? If the Asians (and blacks) believed within themselves that they are attractive, then maybe they'd actually date each other. Shame on you for blaming us for being more attractive, rethink your tastes in men.

01:37AM, you are either making a weak attempt at sarcasm or the biggest moron to ever sit in front of a keyboard.

1:41AM--you are probably one of those Asians in denial about your scary, self-hating behavior…

Nope, not Asian, not scary, just willing to admit that I've seen the widespread racism against Asians that goes on in the clubs. Here's another newsflash for you: discrimination based on race, gender or sexual orientation is illegal.

>>Here's another newsflash for you: discrimination based on race, gender or sexual orientation is illegal<< Here's a newsflash for you: In nearly all of the US, discrimination based on sexual orientation is *legal.* What discrimination against Asians are we talking about in clubs? That some guys don't want to talk to them? Rude, perhaps, but far from illegal. 02:07AM
>>>What discrimination against Asians are we talking about in clubs? <<< 01:57AM, maybe you should have read the article so you would know what the hell you were talking about. 02:14AM
If those creepy GD Asians would quit chasing white men at clubs and instead, chase each other, this would be a happier world and the Asians would stop whining!

2:07--Sorry I skimmed the long article and missed that 6 Asians didn't get into Roxy. Maybe you should find out a little more about discrimination so you'd know what you are talking about. Not likely, but a suggestion…

Not in the SF club scene…

I like Asian men….I'm white, but so what. They are sexy.

I know the author of this article. He's a well-known sight in the Y steam rooms in NYC. and guess who he chases? WHITE GUYS ONLY!

Response from author (re: 07:29AM)-This coming from someone who indeed does not know me at all except to obviously clock whatever "action" he perceives I’m about. Actually, I know who that guy is, and wouldn't you know - he is another Asian - who must have gotten all bent out of shape because he is one of those self-loathers who would never ever deign to be with another Asian, and yet must go even further in his internalized racism by assuming things about anyone - i.e. me - who is trying to address this very issue, which is and always has been vital to me…along with the frustration I constantly feel - as do you - about the unwillingness of our "brothers" to even acknowledge this unpleasant but very real reality. When I read that negative post, I just felt sorry for this guy who - along with personifying the very idea of a self-loathing "banana/wannabe" also gets to fulfill that other omnipresent stereotype - vicious bitchy queen. Any lack of progress we as gays, Asians, or gay Asians experience exists because of exactly this type of destructive, needless negativity.

Preferring one race or another romantically isn't racist. I prefer blondes but have nothing personally over brunettes and have dated one in the past. Look, racism would be if they were turned away from the club solely because they are Asian, and if someone turns them down for dates and sex because they prefer white guys or anything else, that ISN'T racism. That's preference and has nothing to do with how they feel about Asians. The fact is, you can totally like someone and not be the least bit attracted to them. We've all got tastes, and they don't really seem to have anything to do with anything. If they want a white guy, that's their taste. Are they racist? No.

"Wong also finds it disturbing in reading personal ads that, along with the usual requests for "gym-bod, non-smoker, Daddy" types, there is, "Please, no Asians." "I've heard of people saying what they wanted," he says, "but never what they don't want racially, like no fats or fems."

Here's where he lost me.

If they don't want Asians, they don't want Asians. Look, I'm Asian, and I don't want to date blacks. I Like blacks as friends, but I don't want to date one. I'm not attracted to them. So what? Just because you are attracted to white people doesn't mean white people have to be attracted to you and vice versa. That's like a hetero-guy saying women have to be attracted to them, regardless of orientation, because HE'S attracted to them?

Another racist thread full of fags who think they are all that and well are NOT!

It's racist to not allow someone in a club based on race. I am very familiar with the East/ West coast club scene and that's what goes on in some.(No one is going to admit to it, but you wouldn't want to hear the things that are said in the manager's office or in private between employees, it's disgusting.) If "too many" of a certain ethnic group show up, they are turned away no matter how they look.

I like Asians if they are good looking and have tight twink-pussies. Otherwise, no, I don't want to have anything to do with them.

This is so silly. Gay Asians are to the gay community as Jews are to the straight community, and that's one hell of an asset. There are so many examples hot Asian men in every walk of life. If there's prejudice, it's due to positive traits, not being again. More than a third of the inhabitants of that continent aren't even of the oriental race. This is just ridiculous.

"More than a third of the inhabitants of that continent aren't even of the oriental race."

I believe the polite term is Asians.

Micky's should have a special night called InvAsian. Oh wait, that's every night.

You wonder where the yellow went, when they drop the bomb on the orient.

Asians are so sexy. I'd wish I'd be in LA.

I have to agree with most of the comments here. Those creepy Asians are freakin? EVERYWHERE!!! I love Asian women but the desperate Gay Asian men who will not stop pursuing us White men and won't touch each other??? That makes no sense…please advise!

I advise you to fuck yourself.

Instead of spewing your childish comments ("Fuck yourself"), please address the problem with those creepy Asian men who refuse to date or fuck each other and continue to harass us all American white guys--here's our message: WE ARE NOT INTERESTED!!! GO AWAY!!! DATE EACH OTHER!!!

Fuck yourself. That's my advice.

When you say "creepy", you illiterate cretin, do you mean crepe paper, or a thin, rolled up pancake, or what?

What do you mean, Mr. All-American?

Racist bitches.

I love Asian Men !! Be nice .

Gay Asian men are have little self-respect and throw themselves at white men like they are our niggerz. The original poster experienced this as we all do but no one else had the balls to say it.

"Micky's should have a special night called InvAsian. Oh wait, that's every night. "

LOL!! That is SOOOOO TRUE!!! God, I'm glad you said that. I was there recently, and oh my god, that club was filled with little Bobby Trendy wannbes EVERYWHERE!!!

I thought Bobby Trendy was a Bobby Trendy wannabe. Has anyone ever wondered where he got his car and his money? It wasn't from furniture designing.

I do not agree with racial stereotypes but I don't think one can ignore a pattern of behavior either. I have had many occasions where "No Thanks" meant nothing to the Asian man I said it to. This has happened far more with Asians than with any other group. I have literally pried hands and mouths off my dick at bathhouses and sex parties because two or five "No thank you" failed to mean anything to the Asian guy who stalked me all over. It is weird and this happened in LA, Chicago and Miami. I've had good sex w/Asians but the majorities are too effeminate for me.

OK…not taking no for an answer is not cool. Having to pry off hands and mouths is really not cool.
On a different note, but in the same vein of misbehavior, when I go out with my Caucasian boyfriend, it's always the other Caucasians who try to hit on him. Right when I'm standing there. Rudeness comes in all colors people.

Maybe we should all just try to not judge entire ethnic groups by the behavior of some. It's terribly depressing to think that there are non-Asians out there who when they see me in a bar or in a social environment think I'm some pushy bottom queen that's goanna yank your "prize" out and start slurping on it…even when you try to yank it away.

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